Drums Of The World

"Drums of the World" percussion ensemble is a uniquely dynamic musical collective. The group's sound is a convergence of three distinct, yet overlapping musical personalities - one voice composed from many. At times delving deeply into the powerful rhythms of Africa, India, and Morocco.

It takes the form of a facilitated "jazz/fusion ensemble" -using duns duns, djembes, tablas, doumbeks, clay pots, mouth harp, shekeres, bongos, and other world percussion instruments, that provide exciting vibes.

Drums of the World offer melodic and rhythmic improvisations, unique percussive power and precision, and a vast sound world that draws from exotic cultures in an exciting and innovative musical program with music that goes straight to the heart.

The ensemble consists of 16-25 members that come from Ghana, India, Morrocco, England, South Africa, Senegal, Pakistan, Iran, Philippines and Malaysia.